Used Car Sales Class for Vets

Here’s a little confession: I have never been to the vet before. I’ve been in the lobby with my mom and even with Cristian when he brought Bella that one time. But I’ve never actually been in the room with the vet before.

When I got the Wheezyriders, they had all their shots. Captain’s wheezing was a concern but I had a full-time job half a state away and didn’t have time so my mom took him. But their vaccines needed to be updated so Cristian and I took them yesterday. The tail thing last week finally got me to make the call but the tail is fine now so, I thought, it would be a good easy visit.


Kitties HATE the vet. And the vet obviously took lessons in how to sell things you don’t need (like several very expensive rounds of antibiotics to clear up Captain’s snot “so we can make him a little more comfortable”). Oh and Bill might have eye cancer and if so, we’ll have to have surgery to remove that eye. Or he just has some extra pigments in there. That could be it too.

We were there for over 2 hours. Neither cat would sit still and both had to be burritoed in a blanket to get anything done. They brought out a muzzle and the big red gloves for Bill because he was biting the tech. Captain got a $40 ear cleaning because “he could have an ear infection, in which case you’ll need antibiotics, or a yeast infection and you’ll definitely need medication for that. Or it could just be a wax buildup.” It was a wax buildup. They also cut his back nails. Bill’s, they skipped, because Billy don’t play that.

So $300 and 3 freaking heart attacks on my part later, we finally got to leave. And I know–I know–that there are side effects to vaccines but did she HAVE TO make me feel like the cats would probably die immediately if I didn’t watch them diligently for the next 6 hours?

In conclusion: Vets are mean. They want all my money and they want my cats to die so that they can justify taking my money. Monkey hate vets.

Where we waited for 25 minutes before the poking and prodding began.











3 thoughts on “Used Car Sales Class for Vets

  1. I conclude that you have a terrible vet. My kitties don’t love it, but they never had issues like that…Quin is the quintessential (see what I did there?) curious cat, so he wants to go play with the puppies and smell everything. Athena hides in the back of the carrier. They don’t even move when the vet gives them shots. I don’t get their claws done because they go outside.
    Either my vets have been better, or my catz are awesummer. I’m going to say it’s the vet.

  2. Now you understand why we don’t like vets 😉

    My human seconds BFF though.
    I’m a cat with character and no French vet has ever tried to take my temperature.
    I am kind of nice to the American vet though (some hissing, some of the time, but no biting), because he’s better than the ones I had before.
    Once I bit a vet too. That was the vet that said to my human scary things too and took me for a whole bunch of exams which were unpleasant and very expensive to my human. Last time I saw her, before leaving France, I bit her. That’ll teach her =^.^=
    Maybe next time you can try another vet?
    Purrs to you all!

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