Solitary Confinement

Sometimes… kitties hide. Sometimes they do such a good job of being unseen and unheard–and those times are not when mommy’s working or on the phone–that doors close, trapping kitties inside. Sometimes an hour or few go by before anyone notices that one or the other kitty has not been seen in a while. Oops! Accidental Solitary Confinement.

Haha! They’ll never find me here!

It happens to Captain a lot more than Bill because Capt will snuggle up somewhere, burrito-wrapped or just… in some unexpected place, we’ll have no idea he’s there, shut the door, find him several hours later usually still snuggled up. He’s a long-term napper.

Grey ball of fluff

Bill, on the other hand, notices soon after he’s been trapped and valiantly attempts escape. I have the torn up carpet to prove it.

You can’t see me!

The funny part is that whenever Captain’s locked in somewhere, Bill will alert us. He’s a nervous Nelly anyway so he’ll follow us around, looking all concerned until we say, “Where’s Captain?” at which point, he leads us wherever Capt may be.

Captain, on the other hand, while spending a good chunk of his day sitting outside the door where Bill’s trapped, will lazily wander down to us, demand some pats and then walk away, letting us discover Bill’s confinement on our own.

To their credit, never ever have either of the kittens made more of a mess than just Bill’s torn carpet. They’ve never had potty accidents and surprisingly, manage to go through entire solitary sessions without throwing up.

Having learned from our mistakes, though, Cristian and I always do a thorough Kitty Check before leaving the house.