Posted in July 2012

It’s a Sunshine Slideshow

My little buddy is getting old and jumping on things to get to other things (like the stool to the window) is no longer an option. Instead, he stalks the sunshine and snuggles it wherever he can reach. Advertisements

Son of Peepee Stink Feet

Now, I know that I am not super diligent when it comes to cleaning the litter box and let me tell you why: there’s poop in there. But I never let it get THAT bad, which is is why I was a little… ¬†(I’m gonna use the word “concerned” but I want you to know … Continue reading

Cash and Prizes

Sometimes, you’re having a bad day and your cats comfort you with snuggles and cuteness. Other times, you’re having a bad week and your cat pukes up floss. And the wheel of fortune keeps turning.    

Peepee Stink Feet

I was sitting on the living room floor this morning, drinking my coffee and watching Melissa & Joey on my DVR (because that show is Ah-dorable) when Bill came over and stared at me. Uh oh. This could anything. Did you poop on the floor? Do you need some more food? Is Captain trapped in … Continue reading

Bluegrass Songs About My Cats

Despite their own daily multi-naps, the Wheezyriders, they do not appreciate when Mommy and Daddy oversleep. And we… may have done so this morning. But I’m a good kittymommy so when the cries of concerned kitties started coming through the gap in the door, I got up. And I opened the door. Aaaand then went … Continue reading

Mommy Responds Well to Bad Behavior

The very first night the Wheezyriders stayed in my house, Billy found a roll of thread (and it wasn’t on the floor, so he must have done some shelf-hopping), and batted it¬†noisily around the floor until I woke up and gave him pats. Billy is no dummy. Since then, he’s always managed to find some … Continue reading