Bella Cane (Beautiful Dog)

The Wheezyriders are fairly friendly (I say “fairly” because Captain is SUPER friendly and Bill is a little skittish but curious and when you average that out, it amounts to “fairly”) and I attribute this to their time spent in… the place they came from… which I’m still not sure about. It was like… a foster hospital or something? It was Tufts Veterinary and they don’t advertise their adoption stuff and my dad knew a guy who knew a girl who worked there and that’s where two of my Grandmother’s cats came from and…. yeah, I’m not sure.

Point being, they are not so very spoiled that they resist the very existence of other creatures. Daisy was. She didn’t get along with anyone, little snobby girl.

So when Cristian brings his family’s dog, Bella, over to visit, the Wheezyriders are All Over It.

Wherein I serve as mediator

By which I mean Captain wants to play and Billy wants to sniff.

Bella, however, being much much smaller (4 pounds to Billy’s 20-something) and raised in a one-pet household, is a little shy and generally requires a human shield for all kitty interactions.

She’s so very wee!

Cristian and I occasionally talk about getting a dog and I think the cats would be fine with it. We’re not so sure about the mini-sized chihuahua though. It’s probably safer to go for a slightly larger breed, at least big enough that Billy sitting on it won’t cause suffocation and/or broken bones.