Nicknaming My Monsters

My dad used to have all sorts of colorful (and generally gross) nicknames for our pets when I was growing up and, more recently, until my grandmother’s cat Daisy (aka Booger) passed away. Now that I’ve gotten Cristian into the habit of pet name-calling the pets, I’ve had to explain where those names came from.

Of course, there are the obvious nicknames:

Captain or Cap for Captain America

Bill or William for Billy

Kitties (As in “To me, Kitties!” to gather the troops.)

Babies (When I’m sad or when they’re sad or any kind of sad over-nurturing time)

Monsters (When they’re misbehaving.)

Kitty Faces (Because their faces are those of kitties.)

This is how we watch TV


And there are the slightly nontraditional ones:

Buttons ( Back when we had Wally–the shoulder panther–I started calling him Buddy or Kitten until one day, I combined the two to create the nickname Button. Now I call Captain and Billy “My Buttons” all the time.)

Nuggets (Short for poop nuggets because those are the gifts they daily give me.)

Poopies or Mommy’s Little Poopies (Should this one go in the obvious section?)

And of course, Wheezyriders (because they are named after the characters from Easy Rider and because Captain is wheezy in general and Bill is… well, fat.)

This is how we wake up Mommy

How about All Ya’ll? Any weirdo pet names of the obvious or not so obvious variety?


2 thoughts on “Nicknaming My Monsters

  1. Quin’s full name is Harlequin. I definitely call both of them kittyface, stinky, etc. Athena, on the other hand, has all sorts of nicknames. She gets momma (to state the obvious, she had a litter before I got her fixed), Naanaa (like momma), Banana, Nana, Neenee, Tummies (due to her penchant for rolling onto her back for rubs, but always managing to do it so she is about four inches away from my arm’s reach).

    Hysterically (as in funny, not crazy-screaming all over the place), my mom said to me one time “I don’t know why you call her that. Her name is Athena.” because.umm.Athena cares? Don’t know!!! I *do* know that they both individually answer to their names.

    Then there are the fun ones that they both get…they are from the same litter, so when we found out Athena was pregnant at 7 or 8 months old, they got “Hellooooo daddy/brother/uncle/cousin!” and the like.

  2. For whatever reason, LittleGirl gets called “Boo” or, “Boolies”. Tim used to call Madison (Maddiecat) that before she passed, and it seems to have transferred. Sometimes we call her ‘freak’, ‘shits’, and when Tim gets pissed at her, he calls her “EggRoll”.

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