He’s Not a Lizard. It Doesn’t Grow Back.

Oh My Poooor Wittttttle Nugget!

Captain’s got the tail hangin’ down blues! I noticed yesterday that he was taking an extra super long time to sit down. Normal Captain behavior is walk to a nondescript area of the room, sit down, survey the land, get up and walk over to another area of the room, sit, survey, repeat. Yesterday it was walk to a nondescript area, begin the sitting down motion but stop suddenly and crouch uncomfortably, rinse, repeat.

THEN I noticed that his wittle rat tail was hanging down instead of standing up straight and tall, magnificently displaying his butt to all. I patted his back, which usually results in an exaggerated butt lift but not so much this time. So I touched the base of his tail, which looked weird, and it was… weird-feeling and he yanked it away from me and wanted No More Pats which is also… weird.

So then I did the worst thing possible: I looked up “cat tail hanging down” online and found ALL SORTS OF HORRIBLE POSSIBILITIES! He could have broken his tail, he could have damaged his spine, he could be paralyzed at the butt and totally unable to poop again!!! He could also be constipated or have some anal gland issues or some other nasty things having to do with cat butts.

I called the vet and am currently waiting for a return call (although my patience is running out so I might just call back soonish) but Captain seems to be feeling a bit better today. He’s trying to lift his tail–I can see the muscles in the base of his tail flexing–and he is sitting… albeit gingerly. And I totally watched him pee this morning so I know he’s not completely paralyzed in the potty zone. But I’m worried for my special little guy. He’s getting old and I’m scared of losing him and I just want to pick him up and snuggle him… but that’s probably bad for his tail.

Enjoying the sunshine this morning despite tail troubles.



3 thoughts on “He’s Not a Lizard. It Doesn’t Grow Back.

  1. Poor guy. Hope it’s nothing serious and he just got it caught somewhere and it’s a little tender. (or, as would be the culprit in our house since we have a stealth ninja cat who is black and blends into the black carpet in the living room… someone accidentally stepped on the tail)

    • The websites say that they get stepped on or stuck in small places or they jump and land wrong. I am also willing to accept the possibility that Bill sat on it. Bill’s got at least 20 lbs on Captain. He’s a big boy.

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