Makeshift Kitty Play Structure

Kitty Likes to Play

Back to the subject of toys and keeping kitty busy, the above picture is a kitty play structure of my own design comprised of:

1 angled carpeted cat scratcher

1 wave-shaped carpeted cat scratcher

1 flat piece of cardboard

1 folded piece of cardboard

1 cardboard box bottom

several kitty toys

Billy likes to “stalk his prey” from a “hidden” vantage point. He also likes to hide from loud noises or when he’s done something he knows he’ll get yelled at for. So he sits with his front paws on the inverted wave, butt on the flat cardboard and he watches the rest of the living room through the folded cardboard tent. The toys are generally stored in the cardboard box bottom but he prefers they hide from him under the wave or the angled scratcher so he can stalk and attack them when he’s feeling frisky. When he gets the urge to scratch, he typically steps into the inverted wave, walks over the crest, minds the gap, hops over to the angled and scratches to his heart’s content.

Oh but the very best game is when he jumps on top of the tent and squishes it flat. 10 or so minutes later, he comes to find me and cries like a baby until I fix it.


Mommy Fix it?