Shower Guests

I have had two cats (and one lizard) who would surprise attack the shower while I was in it. Does anyone else experience this?

So fresh and so clean

I mean, Billy likes to watch the water when I turn on the tap but then he wanders away and is only interested in licking my feet when I come out. But Captain has, on more than one occasion, hopped in with me and walked around for 25-40 seconds before realizing that hot water was falling on him. Then he’ll go to the end of the bathtub that doesn’t get showered on as thoroughly and cry until I pat him. Wally used to do this too.

Anyone else? Shower kitties?


One thought on “Shower Guests

  1. Lucy used to attack the shower curtain when she was a kitten, but then as she got older, she would sit in between the clear curtain liner and the curtain itself and just stare at us like, “I don’t understand why you do this. Are you punishing yourself? Are you really that stupid that you’d willingly get in the water?”

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