Of Trash and Toys

I think cat condos are the coolest things ever and not only have I always wanted one for my cats, but I sorta want one for myself. There are so many places to hide and climb and jump and ohmergerd, they look like so much fun.

Majestic Pet Products Faux Sheepskin Cat Tree $189.99


But I can’t justify spending $50-$100+ on a cat toy, awesome though it may be, especially with Captain being so old (and his jumping not as good as it used to be) and Billy being so… lacking in aerodynamics.


And then there’s this:

Bill plays with trash.


Bill’s favorite toys are cardboard boxes, ribbons, a paper towel tube with other toys stuffed inside and a Dunkin Donuts straw. He used to steal trash from the can at my old house but new house has trash can drawers that he can’t get inside. Oh but if I sit on the couch and drink an iced coffee from Dunkin, he is all up in my face trying to chew that straw.

I think one of the best presents I ever gave him was at Christmas last year when we tossed a flattened box out of our present pile. It was folded in half and had some wrapping paper crumbled up inside. He played with that all freaking day. He’d flip the top up, attack the paper, and then flip the box top back down again. We left it in the living room for him to play with for 3 months… until Captain puked on it and we had to throw it away.


Favorite Scratchy Thing


Not to say that I don’t give my little buddies presents sometimes because I certainly do and I blame Target for putting cute kitty things on sale. Mostly, I buy them catnip-laden scratchy things so they are dissuaded from scratching the couch or the people. But when it comes down to it, and Bill is clawing at my leg to follow him downstairs to play (and yes, he does that quite a lot. I assume we’re on a mission for food and instead, he leads me to his toy pile), he wants ribbon or straw play and he wants to do it while sitting on a cardboard box flap. It’s the simple things that keep him busy.

Captain, on the other hand, attacks shadows and fabric wrinkles. That crap is hysterical.



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  1. Hah. My cat loves straws too. She always tries to steal the straws from the kids’ juice boxes. Which means juice goes everywhere if we don’t catch her time.

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