Rise of the Puke Monster

I dreamed last night, among other things, of finding cat puke all over the bed and the shower curtain. Let’s hear it for dreams not coming true! Instead, I watched as a very courteous Captain jumped down OFF the bed this morning and puked on the floor instead.


That, my friends, is amazing. After several years of coaxing him off of beds and couches and window sills and other high and easily stainable places, Captain finally learned hisownself to puke on the cat-puke-colored carpeted floor. I couldn’t possibly be prouder… unless he learned how to puke in the toilet. That would be magic.


I know that I have previously touted the insanely effective carpet cleaner I use but today, it found a new place in my heart and so I shall share it once again:

For all your pet yuck needs.

Woolite pet + oxygen is the very best at removing cat yuck stains from my carpets.


Notice, if you will the clean carpet in the crappy cell phone picture below. It’s almost impossible to tell where Captain has puked. Go ahead, guess. You’ll never find it.


Never mind, I’ll show you:


Woolite Pet + Oxygen. Otherwise, my carpet would beĀ polka-dotted.


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