About Billy and Butt Dandruff

As promised, a post about Billy… and butt dandruff.

And a round thing in your face.

I had a cat quite a while back that had greasy greasy fur and dandruff on the butt side of his back. My mom took him the vet and they did all sorts of skin disease tests and liver disease tests and parasite tests and found nothing. They decided the problem was that this little guy wasn’t so good at self-cleaning and that was the only problem. It took my mom a couple of nasty scratches to decide that if he wasn’t going to clean himself and she was going to get the skin removed from her hands when she tried to help, he could just be dirty.

But we still loved him.

Fast forward to this morning as I’m trying to read emails with cats circling my feet and crying. Billy pathetically tries to jump onto my downward sloping lap (my shorty legs don’t quite allow my feet to touch the floor so my lap is less than level), fails miserably, and then cries for me to pick him up. By the way, Bill is 30-something pounds. So I lift him like a big fat baby and try to settle him on my lap but he fidgets and spins and naturally, his butt ends up in my face. And so does his flaky white butt dandruff.

Thanks, buddy.

When my fiance and I (and the Wheezyriders) first moved in together, he woke up every morning with red itchy watery eyes and sneezy mcgrossy face. I did some hardcore internet research on cat allergies and found that a lot of symptoms are relieved when the cats get bathed regularly. So… I tried it.

Yeah, that did not go well.

So I bought kitty-specific cleansing clothes with some sort of active ingredient to prevent shedding and butt dandruff. It still didn’t go so well (Bill REALLY doesn’t like anyone touching his butt) and Cristian still had allergy morning face so I abandoned that effort as well.

The best solution I found, by accident one night after kitties decided sleepy time was, in fact, hissing fighting crying chaos time and I kicked them right the heckfire out of the bedroom, was … no kitties in the bedroom. Once we washed the bedclothes and disallowed cat activities on the bed, Cristian’s symptoms disappeared and neither one of us woke up with a cat on our face.

People problem solved!

But what of the butt dandruff? I did nothing. And that seems to be the right answer according to this article here:

Cat Dandruff: Is It Something to Worry About?

However, most people who own dandruff-laden cats end up frustrated. In my experience, the “problem” does not improve no matter what is done.

I put “problem” in quotes for a reason. If your vet has ruled out serious skin disease, and your cat is not suffering from itching, hair loss, or pain, then as far as your cat is concerned, there is no problem. Cats, unlike humans, don’t worry about first impressions. They don’t obsess in the mirror.


3 thoughts on “About Billy and Butt Dandruff

  1. This may sound crazy but I have found that giving my cats and dogs canned pumpkin in their food once a day at feeding time help the dandruff considerably. Now, fair warning, pumpkin is a natural laxative, but it’s extremely gentle and won’t cause ass-plosions or anything like that. I didn’t want you to read that somewhere and think that ErinSmith set you up for doody trauma.

    • Ooh… that’s an interesting idea but we have plenty of doody trauma already… in the form of Bill occasionally refusing to poop in the box. I don’t know that I can handle pumpkin poops on the rug.

  2. Under the category of poop trauma: When the litter boxes aren’t up to certain kitties standards, they would pee in the bathtub, over the drain, which I kind of had to respect. Until last Saturday when I walked in on my calico, Zoe…pooping in the tub. Over the drain for consistency I guess. That’s when I went on uber litter box insane cleaning spree immediately after flushing the offending doody.

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