New Tricks

I’ll have to post twice about Billy to make up for two Captain stories (there’s that double standard again) but the entire universe had to have shifted this morning to allow Captain, who usually squirms and cries and contorts himself to get out of my grasp to sit pleasantly, comfortably, contentedly in my arms.

Captain likes to snuggle, sure, but he hhhhhhates being picked up. I suspect it has something to do with his position at Tufts as a blood donor. I sort of suspect he has no front claws because of this as well but I really don’t know enough about it to judge. All I know is that if you let him come to you, Captain is a super snuggle bunny of love but if you pick him up, his limbs will go rigid and his torso will bend and flex and twist until you have no choice but to put him down.

Oh but it all comes back to lllllllove and love overcoming fear and/or finickiness. Not love for me, of course, oh no. SUNSHINE LOVE. Captain is a sucker for that big yellow thing.

When I went downstairs this morning to make coffee, Captain, as usual, ran to the back door and cried for me to open it. “No, no, buddy. It’s too early,” is what I say when the alarm’s still on and I’m still the bedhead monster from sleepytown who doesn’t want to scare the neighborhood children with her morning yuck.

He wouldn’t stop crying, though, and it is a sunny day outside so I opened the shades and I lifted him up, figuring he would sit for 30-65 seconds–which is the standard sit in Mommy’s arms if I get to look out the window time–and then squirm to get down.

But he didn’t. I must have changed something in the way I held him or caught him at a time when he REALLY wanted sunshine because not only did he sit still (except for his head which darted this way and that, looking at all the tiny movements of nature my sleepy eyes couldn’t see) but he did he settled down. He did his little paw flip–the equivalent of a human tucking a leg under the other leg to sit–and made himself comfortable and just… stayed there.


He’s normally quite fidgety when picked up.


That, my friends, is a remarkable achievement.

Of course, I had things to do. There was coffee waiting for me. So I held him for a few minutes and then brought him to the window and put him down on the sill so he could continue his quest for sun. But my little buddy sat with me!

Oh man, I hope Billy doesn’t expect the same treatment. He’s like, 20 pounds heavier and more likely to shed profusely.