Midnight Kitties

Before this motley crew, I had only ever had kittens that grew to cats. It was a different experience adopting two adult cats who already knew each other (and how to use a litter box). I tried desperately to train the kittens I had as a kid to sleep in my bed but it never did work. Captain and Billy, on the other hand, were all about sleeping like kings from the second they entered their castle.

The very first night in my house, both cats jumped up on the bed, walked across my pillows/face, sniffed at my arms, trampled my feet. I woke once to find Bill gnawing on my hair and Captain digging at the blankets, trying to get underneath.

Even more suprising, I was awoken again that first night at the sound of  wheezing and scampering. My natural inclination, of course, is to assume zombies so I woke with a start and flicked on the lamp (it’s my go-to move). What I found in the dim glow at the foot of my bed was a full-on kitty battle royal.

My boys like to FIGHT!

Midnight Showdown

In my wee former house, there were frequent epic battles with chasing and hissing and leaping across furniture. There were growls and tackles and much in the way of running across my sleeping face which lead me to believe that Mommy was a safe spot (or “gools” in tag terminology and yes, I had to look that up because even as I remember arguing about gools and the proper attainment thereof, I really didn’t think that could possibly be the right word).

In our bigger current house, the battles cover much more distance and occasionally include leaping from stairs and generally creating the kind of racket that makes me flip on lights quickly out of paranoia. The bedroom door is firmly closed every night, though, so it’s slightly less disturbing than Battle Ground: Mommy’s Face used to be.

Still, when they get the opportunity (as they may have this morning), kitties love to snuggle. Captain jumped up on the bed this morning, pawed at the covers until I lifted them, crawled in and settled down on my belly. Billy followed, jumping up at the foot and then walking up CF’s body, getting right in his face and crying for pats.

Snuggle Muffins in the Big Bed