Captain and the Sunshine: A Love Story

Cats like sunshine. We know this. But it occurred to me recently that after living in a cage for half his life and in a cabin in the woods for his first few years with me, Captain has never known the sublime pleasure of sitting directly in open sunlight.

I assume this is why he goes catnip crazy for the junk. He now begs every morning, rain or shine, for me to open the back door so he can roll around in a big vat of sunshine streaming in through the storm door. And he doesn’t just casually beg, my friends, but follows me around the house crying like his leg fell off until I open the damn door.

Once open, he valiantly attempts to snuggle with the sunshine, rubbing his face on the door and the rug, flipping his body over, rolling around, patting the rug with his paws and, whenever a human type approaches, crying with glee. It’s fun to watch.

Pre-door opening video:

Post-door opening snugglefest:

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