Posted in June 2012

Bella Cane (Beautiful Dog)

The Wheezyriders are fairly friendly (I say “fairly” because Captain is SUPER friendly and Bill is a little skittish but curious and when you average that out, it amounts to “fairly”) and I attribute this to their time spent in… the place they came from… which I’m still not sure about. It was like… a … Continue reading

Nicknaming My Monsters

My dad used to have all sorts of colorful (and generally gross) nicknames for our pets when I was growing up and, more recently, until my grandmother’s cat Daisy (aka Booger) passed away. Now that I’ve gotten Cristian into the habit of pet name-calling the pets, I’ve had to explain where those names came from. … Continue reading

He’s Not a Lizard. It Doesn’t Grow Back.

Oh My Poooor Wittttttle Nugget! Captain’s got the tail hangin’ down blues! I noticed yesterday that he was taking an extra super long time to sit down. Normal Captain behavior is walk to a nondescript area of the room, sit down, survey the land, get up and walk over to another area of the room, sit, … Continue reading

Green Kitty Keeps “Busy”

The best way to keep kitty busy while mommy works? Not to say that he doesn’t occasionally rub against my ankles or claw my thigh for attention but more often than not, I look down to find Bill stone cold chillin’ in his box, head on my shoes, all snuggled up like some kind of … Continue reading

And Furthermore: Burrito Snuggles Continued

Of course, the very day I post of burrito snuggles, I turn around to find Captain burrowing his way under the covers in the spare bed. Watch the video on our WheezyriderYouTube page. It’s super cute! Post-video, this is what I found. Not only was he under the covers, not only did he wedge himself … Continue reading

Burrito Snuggles

If you’ll recall, the Cornish Rex doesn’t have all the fur varieties that most cats have.   From Wikipedia: The Cornish Rex has no hair except for down. Most breeds of cat have three different types of hair in their coats: the outer fur or “guard hairs“, which is about 5 cm long in shorthairs and 10cm+ long in … Continue reading

Makeshift Kitty Play Structure

Back to the subject of toys and keeping kitty busy, the above picture is a kitty play structure of my own design comprised of: 1 angled carpeted cat scratcher 1 wave-shaped carpeted cat scratcher 1 flat piece of cardboard 1 folded piece of cardboard 1 cardboard box bottom several kitty toys Billy likes to “stalk his prey” from … Continue reading

Shower Guests

I have had two cats (and one lizard) who would surprise attack the shower while I was in it. Does anyone else experience this? I mean, Billy likes to watch the water when I turn on the tap but then he wanders away and is only interested in licking my feet when I come out. … Continue reading

Keanu Reeves Knows Cats

There’s a quote from the movie Constantine that I am reminded of every time my cats stare at nothing intently: “Cats are Good. Half in, half out anyway.” It’s right before Constantine “kills” himself to go to hell and see if the lady he’s looking for is there. It’s ok, he comes back. He still … Continue reading

Of Trash and Toys

I think cat condos are the coolest things ever and not only have I always wanted one for my cats, but I sorta want one for myself. There are so many places to hide and climb and jump and ohmergerd, they look like so much fun.   But I can’t justify spending $50-$100+ on a … Continue reading